10 Common Ingress Prime Problems & Fixes

10 Common Ingress Prime Problems & Fixes is a publication of Cory Gunther of AndroidNews.Us.

Niantic recently released its huge Ingress update, called Ingress Prime, which gives the game a new look. Until now, fans do not like the changes and, in fact, most have to deal with frustrating problems on Ingress Prime. If so, here are some of the most common problems and how to solve them.

Ingress still has millions of players since its release in 2012. Almost as much as Pokémon GO. But with a brand new flashy user interface, quick menus, a new inventory management system, map gestures, and links to Facebook accounts, some have a lot of Ingress Prime problems.

Whether it's an error loading Ingress account data, other problems connecting to Prime, a GPS not found, or syncing your old data, we're here to help. This is an overview of some common problems and all possible solutions. Then we will continually update this information with more information or workarounds from the community as they are discovered.

Ingress Prime Problems

  • Connection issues (error while loading Ingress account data)
  • Battery Drain Game
  • GPS not found (and other GPS issues)
  • Old unsynchronized game data
  • Hate the new interface (try the old style of play)
  • Agent Profile and Mission Issues
  • Ingress Prime will not be installed
  • Can not change the name of your introductory agent
  • AP won by Glyph Hack missing
  • Can not change faction
  • And more

How to troubleshoot Ingress Prime connection issues

Although there are a lot of small bugs and problems in Prime that Niantic will eventually solve, connection issues will continue to appear. So far, we have seen many complaints that when agents open the game, an error similar to the one shown below is displayed. This pop-up window reads "Error loading Ingress account data".

10 Common Ingress Prime Problems & Fixes 1

It seems like it's nothing but a server problem, which you think they would have solved now, since the game is over 5 years old. Basically, too many people try to connect at the same time and the server can not respond to the request and can not find the information about the player.

That said, it could be due to a bad Internet connection, a poor service or just an insufficient number of bars. Make sure you have a good WiFi connection or a solid 4G LTE connection. Wait a few minutes and try again or restart your phone, then try reconnecting. Niantic is also aware of the "No Account Found" error that people continue to receive, and they are still studying the problem and looking for a solution. We will update when we know more.

Ingress Prime Battery Drain

Ingress Prime works by using your device's Wi-Fi / Internet and GPS sensors to find out where you are in the world. Your data connection, your GPS, your WiFi, your sensors, etc., do not stop while you play. As a result, the game is a pig of the battery life.

Unfortunately, we do not have a solution for you. Ingress Prime does not have a battery saving mode such as Pokémon GO. So, turn down the brightness of your screen and do what all the other hard-working users are doing by buying a portable battery charger.

GPS not found (and other GPS issues)

Similar to the connection problems, we are seeing tons of complaints about GPS not found or simply GPS Ingress Prime problems in general. The game uses GPS to determine your location and find objects near you. That said, even if the GPS works, people suffer a "GPS drift" that prevents them from clicking on the portal they are trying to link, because it indicates that they are too far away.

10 Common Ingress Prime Problems & Fixes 2

Until now, we hear that people are only restarting the game to solve the problem. You can also open Google Maps (or Apple Maps) and press the compass or the target icon, which activates the GPS and allows the map to locate your location. This can repair a lost or blocked GPS signal, which fixes itself in Ingress.

Otherwise, try to follow the image above and change your location settings on Android. Go to Settings> Security and Location> or just tap the search magnifier and type "Location". This is the simplest way. Use the highest mode, not the battery saver or "support".

It may also be the map, even if it shows that you are too far away, try to click on the portal to hack it anyway. Often, it still allows you.

Old unsynchronized game data

Even worse, some users report data loss when switching from the old Ingress to the new Ingress Prime. Basically, the old game data did not synchronize with the news. Can you imagine logging in and back to level 1? Well, it happens to tons of people.

If this is the case, we recommend that you wait a few minutes with the game open. For the most part, it corrects itself and only takes a few minutes (or 10) to sync to Niantic servers. Finally, he will pull your information. Otherwise, contact Ingress Support, who has helped dozens of people on Twitter.

If you do not get "no account found", it's probably because you've converted an old login method using your Gmail account. Niantic is aware of this, he is working on a fix and is helping people recover their accounts. Do not worry, you will get it back. Also, try to go to Settings> Applications> Ingress Prime> and clear cache and data. Then reconnect and see if everything is synchronized.

Hate the new interface (try the old style of play)

Do you like the new Ingress Prime look, style and interface, or do you absolutely hate it? Emotions are strong on Reddit and Google+, and people do not really know what to think.

10 Common Ingress Prime Problems & Fixes 3

We have good news though. You can download and use the old scanner and interface, instead of the new one. We do not know for how long, but Niantic has released Ingress Scanner REDACTED on the Play Store, and it will be available soon on iOS. Try this.

As they add the rest of the features in 2019, the old scanner will eventually disappear. Use it as you can. In addition, new readers can not use the old scanner. It is only available for those who have connected to version 1 of the scanner. But at least they had a backup plan.

Agent Profile and Mission Issues

We see complaints against the agent profile and the missions that act in a funny way. For some, opening the profile of the agent does not work and, if necessary, the missions are down and confused.

10 Common Ingress Prime Problems & Fixes 4

Try to restart the game quickly, then check your missions again. This should all resynchronize and correct your missions. You can even try to disconnect from the game and come back to see if that solves the problem. This is another problem that Niantic is experiencing and is working on to solve this problem.

Ingress Prime will not be installed

Ingress Prime has very specific requirements in terms of what devices can play the game. According to Niantic, your phone requires at least 512 MB of RAM and Android 4.0+. If your device does not meet these requirements, the game will not be installed.

10 Common Ingress Prime Problems & Fixes 5

However, these requirements come from the original game of 2012. We feel that the new Ingress Prime will not work on devices that do not have at least 2 to 3 GB of RAM and running Android 6.0 or later. We could possibly see something similar on iOS, where it takes at least iOS 9+ to play.

Niantic has similar limits for Pokemon GO and it is likely that the same requirements for PoGo will limit the number of people who can play Ingress Prime. Unfortunately, the only solution is to improve your phone. Here are some excellent cheap phones. In addition, the game is struggling to work with some Android tablets because many do not have a built-in GPS.

Plus, if your Android device is rooted (or iOS Jailbreak), you can not play Ingress Prime.

Can not change the name of the agent of your entry (or faction)

Unlike most games, Ingress does not allow you to change your name randomly. Your agent name. You can not change factions unless you have a good reason to do so. Do not forget that you can request a change of faction or code name, at the discretion of Niantic. Applications currently have more than 7 weeks waiting.

  • Request a code name change
  • Request a change of faction

This means that you must have a good reason to submit a change, and then wait at least 7 weeks for Niantic Support to review your request, review it and accept it or accept it. the refusal. In addition, if you change faction, you must start all over again and return to level 1. Ouch!

AP won by Glyph Hack missing

Unfortunately, some agents might not see the acquisition point earned by a pirated glyph on their COMM. Many complaints about Reddit have emerged about this after the Ingress Prime update. The company is well aware of the problem and is looking for a solution.

Niantic says that all earned access points have already been added to accounts based on the speed of the attack, and you will get what you deserve. Even if you do not see it yet, it happens. They have proof of every hacking or takeover on the servers.

Other problems and fixes

According to the official support page of Niantic Ingress Prime, they are aware of several small bugs. The company specifically mentioned the problems of resetting the recurrence counter, the compass and the player's avatar. missing compass in Ingress, "Unknown Agent" has deployed very rare shield problems, inventory management complaints, lack of warning about XM capability and scanner lock. It's a pretty long list, and it's not even all the Ingress Prime problems.

For now, the game is essentially new and you can expect several updates in the coming weeks. Niantic understands how frustrating some of them are and will do their best to keep things running smoothly. The 2019 updates will also add some of the missing features in the new scanner.

10 Common Ingress Prime Problems & Fixes 6

Sometimes your best bet for solving problems in a game is simply to erase everything. If this is going Settings> Applications> Ingress Prime> empty cache / data, or removing the game and reinstalling it. We recommend that you uninstall and reinstall the game. Then make sure you have a good internet or WiFi connection and then reconnect. Give the game the time to synchronize all your account data, wait a few more minutes, and then play. Do not rush through everything.

We'll keep an eye on other tips, tricks, fixes or other issues and update this post as we learn more.

10 Common Ingress Prime Problems & Fixes is a publication of Cory Gunther of AndroidNews.Us.