10 Common LG V40 Problems & How to Fix Them

10 Common problems on the LG V40 and how to solve them is a publication by Cory Gunther of AndroidNews.Us.

The five-camera LG V40 is an excellent phone that has a lot to like, but like most devices, it's not perfect. In fact, we are starting to hear about some issues related to the LG V40 on the Web. Therefore, this guide presents some of the most common problems on the LG V40 and offers tips or resources to solve them.

This phone is still relatively new and, as more and more users buy one, this list should be lengthened. When this happens, we will continually update this message with more information.

Whether you need to repair the wrong battery, or the phone be frozen, here are the steps to follow. We will explain several problems, solve problems along the way and improve the overall phone experience at the same time.

How to troubleshoot LG V40 battery life issues

The first thing we want to talk about is the life of the drums. The LG V40 has a large 6.4-inch screen, but a small battery of 3300 mAh. Most phones with a screen of this size have larger batteries than that. As a result, the phone does not last as long as most home owners want.

We have several ways to improve the battery life. Instead of detailing all these elements, read this guide with over 10 tips to correct regarding the battery life of the LG V40.

How to repair LG V40 applications that are not in full screen

We hear a lot about the fact that apps do not use the entire 6.4-inch screen. Some applications have black bars at the top and bottom, not to mention this notch. The V $ 0 uses an 18: 9 aspect ratio, long and thin. Make it easier to hold and use even with a large screen. However, some apps or games have black bars at the top and bottom, similar to the black bars on a widescreen TV.

Fortunately, there is an easy solution for this. In the settings, find the "Scaling up the application" option, where you can control and resize applications to use the full screen you paid.

10 Common LG V40 Problems & How to Fix Them 1

  • Pull down the notification bar and go to settings (gear icon in upper right)
  • Press the Display column or option
  • To select Scaling the application
  • Use 18: 9 (full screen mode) on the applications that support it

Now it will automatically resize to the new 18: 9 format and fill your entire content screen. Most work fine, but if not, here's how you can fix it.

How to solve the problems of unlocking faces and voices

The new LG phone has many security options. From the usual lapel pin, password and pattern to more advanced options. With a fingerprint, you can use voice printing and facial printing. One is facial recognition and the other uses your voice. We were not fans of the unlocked voice, but Face Print's unlocking method is extremely fast. Well, when it works well.

10 Common LG V40 Problems & How to Fix Them 2

On the one hand, an image can trick the face unlocking system. So, during setup, select "Advanced Mode" so that the images do not deceive the system. This makes it slower, but more secure. In addition, there is an option to register your face multiple times for improved accuracy. If you skipped this, go back and start again. Recording a face several times guarantees the best experience. Make sure the front cameras are clean and free of fingerprints before you start.

How to solve the problems of LG V40 Fingerprint Scanner

Personally, I stick to the old fingerprint scanner. LG has one of the fastest fingerprint scanners on the market, but if it does not work, it's very frustrating.

If you have problems, delete all saved fingerprints and redo them. Especially if you have installed a case AFTER recording your finger. The angle is now different and sometimes it does not work.

Follow the instructions when setting up, change the angles and directions and use the tip of your finger to get the best results. Save more than one finger, or even the same finger twice, for a better success rate when unlocking the phone.

Recover your application tray

In case you have not noticed, there is no bin on the LG V40. All your apps are scattered on the home screen like an iPhone or in folders. Frustrating, no?

10 Common LG V40 Problems & How to Fix Them 3

The head in Settings> Display> Home screen> Select Home> and choose Home drawer and applications.. So, your home screen is not filled with application icons and everything is organized in the Applications pane, like most Android devices.

How to repair the performance or lag of the LG V40?

The V40 is fast and powerful, offering the latest specifications available. However, we see reports of lag, poor performance, or other strange things.

First, a quick reboot solves tons of problems. Most do not think of trying, but this is our first suggestion all problem. Then go to Settings> Display> Screen Resolution and turn it down in 1080p instead of 2880 x 1440 Quad-HD. We do not need the full Quad-HD for everyday tasks, it just makes the screen a little prettier at the expense of performance and battery life. In fact, Samsung turns the Galaxy S9, Note 8 and others into 1080p. Do the same thing on your V40.

10 Common LG V40 Problems & How to Fix Them 4

Then, head to Settings> General> and scroll to Smart Cleaning.. It is an interesting feature that cleans the phone and releases resources to provide the best performance. Every two or three days, try to optimize and let the magic work.

In the settings, press the magnifying glass, type "notch" or "cut out of the display" and hide it with the software. You're welcome.

How to solve LG V40 WiFi & GPS problems

With so many phones, WiFi routers and countless accessories, we see complaints about WiFi and Bluetooth on all phones. This will happen. On the LG V40, homeowners continue to receive WiFi declines, especially during gaming.

First of all, we recommend you forget your WiFi network and reenter the password on the phone. To do this, head to Settings> Networks> WiFi. Push and hold your Internet connection at home and press forget the network on the popup. Then look for a WiFi connection, find yours, enter the password for a new start. Especially if you used Google or LG's smart transfer tools to transfer an old phone to the V40.

We also recommend that you unplug your home router for more than 10 seconds and then reconnect it. This brutal reboot usually solves many pesky problems or performance issues. If not, we hope that LG will soon release an update for Android 9 Pie with improvements in stability and speed of WiFi or bug fixes.

Then go to the settings, press the magnifying glass at the top (search) and type Location. Go to the Location menu in Settings and press Fashion, So chosen High accuracy. This ensures the best experience and better GPS performance.

How to solve LG V40 Bluetooth problems

Like WiFi, we hear about complaints about Bluetooth and connectivity. However, it is probably a more serious problem with Android itself or compatibility with your accessories or car stereo.

10 Common LG V40 Problems & How to Fix Them 5

If your phone does not see devices or does not connect, we have some ideas. First, completely forget the BT connection of your accessory or car stereo, then turn off Bluetooth on the phone. Then restart the LG V40, reactivate Bluetooth and reconnect to your device. Repeat the whole pair process.

Users can also go to Settings> Applications> and find "Bluetooth" from the list. Once you're done, tap "clear cache". This will erase all pairings and fix many problems on the V30 last year.

How to solve the problems of LG V40 Wet Speaker

The latest LG V40 is IP68 dust and water resistant. This means that it is certified to support depths of 5 feet for about 30 minutes and will work perfectly. However, the speaker is always wet and may sound funny for a few minutes until it dries out. This should not cause permanent damage, so do not worry.

That said, we still see comments about it online. LG uses a coating on the inside of the device as well as a "superficial tension" to prevent water from entering the enclosure. There is a small grill behind the metal cutout at the bottom of the phone. If it is wet, the water could stay there. Tap it against your hand to remove the accumulated tissue and let it dry. Do not blow into the speaker or put anything in the holes to dry it. You could damage the speaker.

How to reset a frozen LG V40

No matter the size of your problem, our first recommendation is a reboot. This solves almost every little problem we see or hear every day.

Press and hold the Power (fingerprint scanner) and volume reduction button at the same time for 8 seconds. Your phone vibrates, turns off, and restarts. It works even if the phone is completely frozen, if the screen is black or it does not respond. Try it yourself.

How to reset the LG V40 to the factory

Fortunately, we have no major bug or problem to report. However, we know that some people will face senseless problems that most people never face. In this case, a good starting point is a reset of the factory data. Only do it as a last resort if all else above fails. This will erase all data, applications, messages and contents of the phone user. Do this if something is wrong with your phone and you have no other option.

Do not forget that you may want to save the data before proceeding. Go to Settings> General> Backup and reset and hit reset to begin.

10 Common LG V40 Problems & How to Fix Them 6

Again, it erases everything on your phone. When the process is complete, retry the configuration of your device. Google's built-in backup and restore feature will get you started quickly.

More details and next steps

In closing, here's what you need to know about the next step. In the next 3 to 6 weeks, we are waiting for an update from LG. Typically, smartphone manufacturers publish one or two "initial updates" once the phone is released. This fixes bugs and problems now that millions of homeowners have one and that they can collect enough information.

10 Common LG V40 Problems & How to Fix Them 7

This will fix all bugs and fix some of these early-release issues. We are soon waiting for an update of Android 9 Pie. Or at least a beta program where some users can try the new software sooner. You will love everything that Android 9 has to offer, but we do not know exactly when it will arrive. It could be before the end of the year, or you could wait in 2019.

Anyway, it will be a huge update with tons of improvements, new features, improved battery life, and more. LG will use this opportunity to upgrade the V40 and fix the remaining bugs at the same time. In the meantime, we will monitor security patches, upcoming updates, or other issues and update this article as we learn more.

10 Common problems on the LG V40 and how to solve them is a publication by Cory Gunther of AndroidNews.Us.