10 Common OnePlus 6T Problems & How to Fix Them

10 Common Problems OnePlus 6T and how to solve them is a message from Cory Gunther of AndroidNews.Us.

Although the OnePlus 6T is an excellent phone with many benefits, it is not perfect. Now that more and more people have one, we are starting to receive complaints about some of the frustrating issues with OnePlus 6T. With this in mind, here are some common problems and how to solve them quickly.

You do not need the help of a T-Mobile store or have to browse the OnePlus forum for hours. In addition, we will regularly update this message with useful information and new patches as they arrive.

It's still a valuable replacement for the OnePlus 5T or 6 and a great alternative to the Galaxy Note 9. We'll explain the most serious complaints, then share or explain all the information available to help you fix it.

It's the best OnePlus phone yet, even though we're very excited about the OnePlus 7 in 2019. However, we're seeing a lot of complaints about the OnePlus official forum and popular sites like XDA Developers. . Anything related to GPS issues, WiFi drops, charging or battery complaints, heat issues, camera complaints, missing features, Bluetooth faults, text bugs, etc.

Remember, do not let this list scare you. The phone is still relatively new and we expect a host of quick software updates to fix small bugs and improve the overall experience. That's what OnePlus does best. For now, try these fixes.

How to troubleshoot OnePlus 6T battery life issues

It's an endless cycle. Every new phone arrives with complaints about the battery life. That said, we see a lot on the OnePlus 6T, even if it has a big battery of 3700 mAh. There is a huge thread in the official forum, full of details.

With a large 6.4-inch display, the battery runs out quickly during intensive tasks, but the 6T has the largest battery of all OP phones. To begin, here is a detailed guide on how to repair the wrong battery life of the OnePlus 6T.

10 Common OnePlus 6T Problems & How to Fix Them 1

Then go to settings and make sure an app does not run out of juice. Head toward Settings> Battery and see what is at the top of the list. As a rule, the Android system, the Android operating system or the screen is at the top. If there is anything else upstairs, like Face Unlock, something is wrong. Uninstall it, disable the application or tap on it and press "Force Close" to remove an application that is emptying the battery. Or try a quick and easy reboot.

We also recommend that you customize the location settings, reduce the screen brightness to about 40% or automatically, and close large applications that you no longer need. Do not forget to take advantage of Google's Android Pie battery optimizations.

How to solve WiFi OnePlus 6T problems

Another common complaint is WiFi or WiFi drops. Bad connectivity, drops, at even 5GHz does not work well. We had similar problems on the OnePlus 5T and 6, but they are usually easy to solve.

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If you are having WiFi problems, we have some suggestions. First, try disabling and reactivating WiFi. It's also a good idea to turn off your WiFi router for a few minutes and turn it back on or off for 5 minutes. Another option is to direct you to Settings> WiFi and forget about your wireless network. Search again, log back in, enter the password and try it again. This completely resets the connection between your phone and WiFi and gives it a fresh start. The latest beta version of Pie for OxygenOS includes Wi-Fi enhancements. Stay tuned for a future software update in November or early December.

How to troubleshoot Bluetooth OnePlus 6T issues

WiFi is not the only one, we also hear complaints about Bluetooth with each new phone. With a vast array of devices or accessories trying to connect, problems are inevitable. We mainly see complaints about the sound of the car, the car stereo or Android Auto.

The main complaint is Bluetooth in cars, where the phone simply does not connect. To begin, the OnePlus 6T connects but the phone icon is grayed out. If this is the case, disable the HD call settings because some users claim that the problem has been resolved. Another idea is to simply restart your device or restart your car and your stereo. Bluetooth is always a little tricky, so try to forget all the pairings and start again to see if it goes away.

Basically, dissociate everything and start again. Bluetooth is another area that becomes more stable over time. We also recommend that you check for updates to your car stereo, such as a Pioneer Head Unit.

How to Fix OnePlus 6T Face Unlock Problems

One of the best features of the OnePlus 6T is the very quick unlocking of faces. It's not as safe as something like the iPhone X, but it's super fast. Well, as long as you do not have any problems.

10 Common OnePlus 6T Problems & How to Fix Them 2

Regardless of which OxygenOS update or version you are using, restart the Face Unlock process to get rid of any strange problems or failures. Simply delete your registered face and repeat the recognition process. Take your time and make sure to finish the analysis in a bright room or even outdoors. This gives it the best scanning possible and will help the phone save your face in less than ideal situations.

How to Fix OnePlus 6T Fingerprint Problems

The star of the show here, apart from the screen, is this fingerprint scanner inside the screen. The scanner is under the glass and it's really good. However, we see a lot of complaints that this is slow, not working all the time or getting too bright.

10 Common OnePlus 6T Problems & How to Fix Them 3

Generally, we see information indicating that he does not recognize the finger or that the owners get false readings when the phone is in their pocket. Make sure that the battery discharges faster than expected. This time we see people saying how slow it is.

Go to Settings, tap the search icon and tap Pocket mode. This is an option parameter that you can activate if you get fake scanner readings in your pocket or purse.

Then, with regard to real and other analyzes, we have some other advice. The first thing to do is to delete your saved prints, wash your hands and clean your screen. Then, restart the process of fingerprint recognition. Especially if you bought and added a screen protector. They change the angle and the reading, so you have to redo it after installing the protector.

How to troubleshoot OnePlus 6T (and MMS) text messaging issues

For the first time, the OnePlus 6T is available from T-Mobile and runs on Verizon Wireless. The T-Mobile model is good, but those who take it to Verizon have a past with 4G LTE, text messages or sending MMS image messages. First, be sure to use the correct APN settings.

In addition, here is what we intend to solve the text problems of Verizon OnePlus 6T. You can call Verizon and they will guide you slowly through a few steps. Or, sign in to your account, then head over to My Verizon> My device> Activate or change device> Activate On an existing line, then follow the instructions that appear. This gives the phone what it needs to communicate with Verizon and CDMA-Roam.

How to troubleshoot OnePlus 6T audio issues

Another relatively common complaint relates to audio. In the set of speakers, ringtones or watching videos. Honestly, we do not know why, because everything works well here. Of course, everyone uses their phone differently. That said, we hear a lot of comments about the sound levels of calls and loudspeakers. Or the ringtones are too weak and the sound out of sync.

In addition, some users are unable to hear anybody on a phone call until they hang up and call back. Essentially, basic functions such as the volume and stability of phone calls are in trouble. OnePlus would be aware of these issues and is currently working on a quick fix. We saw something similar with the 6 and they repaired it in a month or two.

How to troubleshoot OnePlus 6T camera problems

Looking through the forum, we also see some complaints about the camera. That 's to restart the camera application while trying to record 4K, lack of details or just bad pictures.

10 Common OnePlus 6T Problems & How to Fix Them 4

A high-end phone offering all the features for only $ 549, one or two areas will not be the best. Unfortunately, it's the camera. OnePlus does not use the same quality camera as an iPhone Xs, Pixel 3 or Galaxy S9. However, you still need very nice pictures.

Still, the company is slowly improving the speed, stability, clarity and sharpness of photos over time, as has been the case with every new phone released. Until now, we are getting the best results with the Google Camera app on the OnePlus 6T. Try it or wait for some software updates in the near future. That, or go buy the Pixel 3 XL.

Problems and general bugs with OnePlus 6T

Of course, these are just a few of the many potential problems that a person might face. We see others, but they are not so widespread. If you use Android P beta, instead of the stable version, here's how to get back to the stable channel. You can also visit the OnePlus Android P forum for help. Do not forget to scroll through this list of common problems and solutions for Android Pie.

For any other problem, the first step is to reboot your OnePlus 6T quickly. Try restarting your phone, whether it's screen or spin problems, crashing the application, dropping the battery, overheating, shifting, or other minor issues. In fact, you can solve almost any small problem by restarting the phone. Just long press the power button and press "to restart".10 Common OnePlus 6T Problems & How to Fix Them 5

This is by far the best solution to any minor problem. If the phone stops responding, press and hold the power button for 10 seconds. This forces the OnePlus 6T to perform a hard reset and reboot. It will not erase anything, but it will give you a fresh start.

How to reset the OnePlus 6T at the factory

Finally, if you are having major problems or can not find a solution, try a factory reset. This is the last resort and clears everything, but it can solve most problems. Save everything that matters, then follow our steps below.

10 Common OnePlus 6T Problems & How to Fix Them 6

Head toward settings by lowering the notification bar and pressing the gear icon located near the top. In the settings, scroll down to Resetting the backup then press Reset factory data. The phone restarts several times, erases everything, and restarts when new. This will give you a fresh start and will often solve pesky problems.

Plus, you can try the latest OnePlus 6T Android Pie OxygenOS software here.

What is the next step for the OnePlus 6T?

So, what's next for you and your phone? Since Android 9 Pie already works, the next step is to eliminate most bugs and improve the stability of the camera, display and battery. This will happen over the next 2-3 months as the company releases updates. In addition, search for an Android 9.0.1 or Android Q beta release in March 2019.

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Take advantage of everything it has to offer or wait for the first Bug Fix update for Android Pie from OnePlus. They are one of the best when it comes to updates, to have a little patience.

In the meantime, stay tuned to the official OnePlus forums for more information, upcoming updates and other helpful tips. As soon as we have new software to solve one of these problems, we will update this post. Before you go, do not forget to protect your phone with one of the recommended OnePlus 6T cases.

10 Common Problems OnePlus 6T and how to solve them is a message from Cory Gunther of AndroidNews.Us.

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