Apple is allowing developers to build third party apps that report spam calls and texts in iOS 12

Apple did not mention this when unveiling iOS 12 at WWDC, but it's a new feature that allows users to report their phone calls to a third party app. Developers of such apps will be able to build an app extension that adds an option called "Unwanted Communications" in the app settings.

With "Unwanted Communications" enabled, users will be able to report to a specific call in the United States. on Report. To report to spam SMS, the user presses the Report Messages button when it appears in the Messages transcript. Another way to report a message is to long-press on it, select additional messages, and click on Report Messages.

When a call or SMS message is reported, the app launches its extension to gather more information from the user decide whether the number should be reported or blocked. Blocked numbers will appear on the device's Blocked Contact list, which can be managed by users in the Settings app.

This ability to report has been requested by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI). The agency launched a third party app in 2016, allowing Android users to report unwanted communications. Apple refuses to allow the app to be used on the phone by preventing it from gaining access to its customers. Apple has opened up iOS 12 allowing developers to build apps that will help solve this problem; the new feature is sorely needed in India where consumers in the country receive a number of calls and messages