Bad News: Huawei Nova 4 will not arrive in the Philippines

There are only a few days left before Huawei officially unveils the Nova 4. But apparently, we, Filipinos and other peoples of the world, have no reason to be enthusiastic as long as the aircraft remains in China.

This information has been confirmed by a Huawei representative here in the Philippines. It was announced that the Huawei Nova 4 would be an exclusive device to China, which would have been disappointing for fans of the Nova series.

On the other hand, some people might find this positive, especially those who have just bought Huawei Nova 3 or Nova 3i.

These two devices are only a few months old, which is why everyone was surprised to learn that Huawei was already preparing to introduce a follow-up.

Huawei has even introduced new color variants for both devices. Nicknamed the Christmas colors of the Huawei Nova 3 series, the new Nova 3i is now available in pearl white, while the Nova 3 is now available in red. New color options allow you to switch in this holiday season or at any time of the year.

It's a shame that the Nova 4 does not arrive in the country. For those who are unfamiliar, one of the most anticipated features of this camera is its selfie camera built-in screen. This is a feature that the future Samsung Galaxy A8 will also have, and should be a flagship feature of the upcoming 2019 devices.

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