Buying a New Smartphone this Black Friday? Here’s How to Protect it

If you are thinking of buying a new smartphone, Black Friday is the best time to do it without breaking the bank. In addition, the long-awaited shopping day brings discounts and incredible offers on the smartphones of many brands among the best on the market!

Once you have purchased one, it is essential to take strong security measures to protect your privacy and identity. Our smartphones are undoubtedly an integral part of our lives and we use them for everything from social networks to banking transactions to purchases.

Black Friday

Let's say that a hacker manages to find his way in your smartphone; they may use your personal information to commit an identity theft or money. Below, we will share some ways to prevent the bad guys from accessing something they should not.

How to protect your smartphone?

Protecting your smartphone from intruders is not that difficult; just have the right approach and the right tools. So, without further ado, let's take a closer look at how to protect your smartphone and avoid compromising your privacy:

  1. Set up a screen lock

If you do not want anyone accessing your smartphone, you must absolutely use the security of the locked screen. You will have several options at your disposal, but not all are equal.

Although drawing a pattern may seem convenient, it is not as secure as a fingerprint, PIN, or password. If you want optimal security, we recommend that you use a strong password consisting of at least eight characters.

  1. Use a password manager

When you choose passwords, you will obviously not want to make them weak and easily guessable. Otherwise, a hacker would not take too much time to enter his smartphone or online accounts!

Passwords are your first line of defense, so make sure they include a combination of letters, numbers, and special characters. These may be hard to remember, but this is where a password manager like LastPass comes in.

  1. Do not stay connected to apps

Staying connected to apps and services on your smartphone makes it easy to use. But if anyone else has your device, he can easily access it. Therefore, it is useful to disconnect only when you have finished using them.

This is especially true for shopping and banking applications because they include sensitive data that can be stolen. It can be difficult to reconnect, but it's much better than discovering that someone used your credit card to make a purchase.

  1. Avoid unofficial application shops and the jailbreak

Your smartphone can be compromised in two ways: physically or remotely. On this last point, hackers generally have access to malware, which increases the risk of being a victim when downloading from unofficial application stores.

In addition, jailbreak your smartphone has advantages, but its price is huge. Your device is exposed to potential intrusions that would not have been detected if the limitations put in place by the manufacturer were not circumvented.

  1. Secure your communications

If your security really worries you, you should consider protecting your communications with encryption. For secure instant messaging, you can use WhatsApp or Signal because both offer end-to-end encryption.

When it comes to email, you have options such as Tutanota and ProtonMail, which encrypt your emails by default. Encrypting your e-mails and end-to-end messages makes deacons much more difficult to intercept and read.

  1. Install an anti-virus

Although smartphones are less exposed to malware than PCs, the truth is that you can never know when you are in the crosshairs. Having a good antivirus application installed on your device can protect you, as it will scan files, applications, and websites for malicious items.

There are no anti-virus programs for iOS devices, but they have a reputation for being more secure than their Android counterparts because of their closed nature. For Android devices, you can opt for well-known brands such as Lookout and Avira on Google Play Store.

  1. Lock important applications

For better security, you can lock important applications. If you're an Android user, you can use App Lock to add a separate fingerprint, PIN, or password to your banking, email, and other applications. So, if someone enters your smartphone, your sensitive data will remain out of their reach.

Locking the smartphone

Locking the smartphone

If you are an iOS user, you will not be able to use such apps without jailbreak your device (which is not recommended at all). However, the good news is that more and more apps include Touch ID as a way to lock apps.

  1. Get a VPN

If you do not already have a robust VPN, you must immediately equip your smartphone. Not only does it hide the IP address of your device by giving it a new address, but it also protects all incoming and outgoing traffic with high quality encryption.

The result? You can use public WiFi safely, without having to worry about eavesdropping on your online activities. Plus, you'll be able to shop safely and give your communications an extra level of protection.

Many VPN providers also have exclusive offers for Black Friday, but we recommend you take advantage of PureVPN's Black Friday VPN offer. It comes with a 31-day money-back guarantee and features premium features like a circuit breaker, split tunnel, DNS leak protection, and more.

Last word

And with that, we have arrived at the end of this article! When you have finally bought your favorite smartphone this Black Friday, do not forget to take the aforementioned security measures to keep intruders at bay. Also share this guide with your friends, family and colleagues so that they too can secure their devices and investments.

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