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Developer Option and Accessibility Setting unusable.

Greetings. I recently bought a new phone. * Oppo Realme 1 *. There were some big software issues, some of which I corrected, some of which I got used to, and some that I did not know because there were no solutions. . There are two main issues that I can not turn a blind eye to:

* Whenever I activate development options, my notification bar turns yellow and constantly displays text to disable development options. Settings are not saved and I need to start over. * I've highlighted this in a * *** screen record ***: [****] (
* The same thing happens with accessibility settings. I can no longer use applications like Tasker since the bar continues to flash and if an error occurs on the navigation bar, I have to start from scratch (since the settings are not saved). * The above recording also shows it. *

** What should I do? ** I want to use the Developer Mode and Accessibility settings (the Greenify / Tasker / etc. applications need it), without the navigation bar changing color, without the constant blinking text on the screen. notification icon "white box" in the notification bar drawer. I've tried changing the permissions by keeping the 'white box' in the notification drawer, but that did not solve anything. I restarted the phone too. In vain. I can not think of a solution for that.

I tried to get used to it, as if I was used to other problems, but I could not. The yellow bar is annoying, and blinking text is prone to mistakes when I have sweaty fingertips (when I play or I'm in the sun), and I'm tired of redoing all the settings again and again . Phone is * Oppo Realme 1 running Color OS v5 * (Android modified Android).

I'm open to trying any solution (besides rooting or unlocking bootloader, can not do it on this phone, fastboot files have been apparently deleted) and will always be grateful for me. help solve this problem.

Thank you.