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Google photos? Reimagining the way you view your photos with Curator

It's been almost 5 months since I made [original post] ( Since then Curator has been updated and tested to finally bring you the beta, and this ad comes first to r / androidapps because this community has helped me a lot with my previous apps.

# But before that, some links to Curator:

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** Get it now: ** [Beta Link] (

** All screenshots: ** [Imgur] (

** Telegram channel: ** [Curator Beta] (

Curator is a gallery application that reinvents the wheel, but for a good reason.

Using artificial intelligence, the curator organizes your images under different labels allowing you to quickly search any matter. And the best part? It does it ** completely offline, ** making it the first secure AI gallery. Your photos are yours, you'll never have to send them to the cloud.

In addition to intelligence, the Curator now makes some common tasks more intuitive with gestures that make it easy to move photos, scroll through photos, and search. All with a simple user interface and a gesture-based interface.

# CONTRIBUTE (This would really help)

I have currently set a goal of $ 10,000 contribution in order to invest in Curator by building new AI models for a personalized experience. This requires hardware, translation services and other people to help me. If you want to contribute, please slide the drawer in the application and press contribute or you can send bits to this address: 1AbYmMYNCfZ7zDmAfVJRH1q9zfKvZLekyv. ** Please message before sending bits! **


Get your hands on the first AI gallery that keeps your images fully offline. Simple user interface and gestures ([Check screenshots] ( Also read [Play Store description] ( for gestures. [DOWNLOAD NOW] (!

** Easter Egg: ** Maybe the last ** screenshot ** is something you wanted.

# Important note

This is a beta software, if it does not work please do not evaluate the curator for the moment. I will improve and solve all the problems you face one at a time and we can do it.

Google Photos is led by a team of engineers, designers and all kinds of people. On the other hand, I am the one responsible for the development of Curator. So your cooperation would be great!

** Please read description ** [here] ( **, there are instructions for the gestures and some important points that I hope you all adhere to. **