Android Update

Honor 7X Receives Android Oreo Update in India

Honor is a sub-brand of Huawei, and we already know it. Huawei has long roots in the Chinese mobile market. These roots have continued to spread over time and have largely taken control of the majority of Asia and Europe. And with Honor, roots nourished over time have become a fruitful tree for Huawei. The 7X honor was just one of those good fruits.

With this same marketing strategy, Honor 7X was out for the world to check. It was just before the Huawei stopped on the import of goods to the United States. In March, Honor customers were a little happy after the release of the Android Oreo update for Honor 7X users under the name EMUI 8.0. The problem was that it was not yet available for everyone and India was an exception too.

Honor has now released the Android Oreo update to Honor 7X customers residing in India. This has been a full month after the release of this update in other regions, but it is still a good way to please its customers. This news has been announced on the Honor India Facebook page.

As we already know, Android 8.0 Oreo introduces Picture-in-Picture mode for compatible applications. And supports the Treble project that tends to release updates seamlessly to the device itself. According to user comments, it is known that the update is incremental and is pushed into tiny lots.

If you live in India waiting for the update with a Honor 7X, check for system updates to make sure no notifications appear.