How to Share Amazon Prime Shipping Benefits

How to share the benefits Amazon Prime Shipping is a message from Josh Smith of AndroidNews.Us.

If you have an Amazon Premium subscription, here's how to share the benefits of sending with your family members during the holiday season and throughout the year.

Amazon Prime is an excellent service if you use Amazon a lot. $ 119 / year service offers free two-day shipping on Prime eligible products (and cheaper overnight shipping), access to Amazon's Instant Video streaming service, access to streaming service Prime Music, exclusive offers, a discount on access to the Washington Post Digital Edition and access to the Kindle Loan Library, where you can borrow eBooks for free. With this person, you also share quick access to Amazon Black Friday offers.

It's definitely a service that's worth its annual cost if you use all of its features, but most people really just want a two-day free shipping (especially as we approach the holiday season). Sometimes, however, free shipping alone is not worth the $ 100 per year you pay for the privilege.

However, if you have a family member who has an Amazon Prime membership, they can share their two-day free shipping with you. Or if you have a Premium membership yourself and want to share the two-day free shipping with a family member, we'll show you how to do it. Do not forget though that you will need a regular premium membership at $ 119 / year because a premium student membership can not be shared. If it's available in your area, it also shares Prime Now and Amazon Fresh.

How to share your benefits with Amazon Prime shipping and more.

Amazon lets you share your two-day free shipping with another adult. Previously, it was much more open, but now you can only share one adult and you can share the Prime Shipping benefit with teenage accounts, but it's not a good way to share your Prime shipping. with people outside your family.

When you share Amazon Prime benefits with someone, you both have access to each other's payment options. This is done to reduce the random sharing of your Prime benefits with someone outside your family. Once you add a person to your family, they benefit immediately. If you delete them, neither you nor the other person can join an Amazon home for 180 days. Here's how to share your Amazon Prime shipping benefits with Amazon households.

How to share your Amazon Prime Shipping benefits

To add family members or friends to your Amazon Prime account and share your shipping benefits, follow these steps:

  • Go to and sign in to your account.
  • Then click Your account in the upper right corner of the web page.

How to Share Amazon Prime Shipping Benefits 1

  • Scroll down and click Amazon Housekeeping.

How to Share Amazon Prime Shipping Benefits 2

  • Scroll to the Start sharing today section and click Add Adult.
  • Log in to the Amazon account of the other adult.
  • Confirm that you want to share the payment methods with each other via Amazon.

How to Share Amazon Prime Shipping Benefits 3

It's all you need to share the benefits of Amazon Shipping with a family member. You can only share one family member, which is much smaller than in the past.

Now, the other adult can log in to his Amazon account, buy items and pay with his own card while enjoying free shipping. This includes two days free shipping and the cheapest night delivery. They also get Amazon Prime Video and savings at Whole Foods. You can not share Amazon Prime Music with this option.

If someone you know needs Amazon Prime and you can no longer share your account with other people, you can offer Prime. You may also want to explore Student Bonus options that cost $ 59 a year.

8 reasons why students need Amazon Prime and 4 reasons why they do not

Free shipping in two days, same day delivery and premium now

Free Two Day Shipping, Same Day Delivery & Prime Now

One of the most important benefits, and the best known, is the free shipping in two days with Amazon Prime. Lesser known are the options for same day delivery and main delivery now in some areas.

This is a great benefit for students who may need to order courseware, health and beauty items and even snacks for fast delivery for a busy week. It can also help you get things delivered to your dormitory or room without waiting too long or taking public transit for larger items or larger purchases.

In some areas, you can even get same-day delivery or Prime Now delivery for faster delivery options. In some postcodes, you can order from a selection of items and benefit from a free same day delivery for orders over $ 35.

Prime Now offers fast delivery with two free hours for Premium members, or less than an hour for a fee. This is only available in some areas and not all items are eligible, but there are many options. You can also get free shipping from your local Whole Foods including products, meat, seafood and more.

How to share the benefits Amazon Prime Shipping is a message from Josh Smith of AndroidNews.Us.