How to Speed Up the Galaxy S8 in 3 Easy Steps

Whether you've just bought the Galaxy S8 or you've owned it for a year, we'll show you how to improve performance and speed up the Galaxy S8 in three easy steps. While Samsung phones are powerful, they often start slowing down as long as you have one. This tip can fix software delays and improve your phone in general.

There are many ways to change or improve the Galaxy S8, but most of them are very advanced hacks. This trick is so simple that anyone can do it, and it only takes a few minutes at most.

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You will need to start by activating a menu of development options that is hidden by default, then change three settings on the phone by following our video instructions below. This process is completely safe and will not hurt or void your warranty. Try it today.

How to Speed ​​up the Galaxy S8

  • Pull Down the Notification Bar and Press Settings (The Button Fit)
  • Scroll down and press About the phone
  • Press where it says Build Number 7-8 times

This unlocks the hidden developer menu. Then change these three settings.

  • Press Back and select the news Developer Options in the settings menu (Down)
  • Scroll to Midway Up # What you saw Windows Animation Scale
  • Change Windows Animation Scale Scale of Transition Animation and Scale of Animator Duration to 0.5x

Out of the box, they are all set to 1x. The three settings control animations on the Galaxy S8. Like windows that clear when you sweep or knock at home, and other effects. That's what makes Android beautiful. The 0.5x setting reduces the time, animations and effects by half. Windows opens faster, you can browse the settings menu more quickly and the entire phone should now be smoother.

This is an old trick on Android, but it still works very well. In fact, share it with your friends because it works for any Android smartphone or tablet, even on the new Galaxy S9. Some can even disable these three settings completely, at zero, for even better performance and potentially longer battery life.

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It should be noted that some of these animations are what makes Android look and feel like it does. So changing it to 0 could have a big impact. That's why we recommend 0.5x for a perfect compromise between speed and visuals. Finally, just restart the Galaxy S8. You'll instantly notice better performance with everything you do on the phone.

Free Up Space

We also recommend doing a "spring cleaning" of all kinds. Basically, free up space by clearing old, unused or inflated files on the device. Especially after the update to Android 8.0 Oreo earlier this year. So, here's how to free up space on the Galaxy S8 and get better performance.

Using Performance Mode

And finally, use Samsung's performance modes to get better performance. And while this could reduce battery life, you'll notice the boost. Samsung's performance mode options increase phone responsiveness, increase brightness, give the screen a higher resolution, and change some other settings.

Here's all you need to know about the Galaxy S8 Performance Mode. Changing animations is our first recommendation, but these three things combined will provide a better experience on your phone. Old or new.

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Here are a few Samsung cases first and then we'll go to some of the most popular (and cheapest) brands available. As we see each year, Samsung has a decent choice of great cases and accessories for the Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy S8 +.

Our favorite among them is the Clear View Standing Cover. It doubles as a crutch and folds to protect the screen. When it is closed, the front clear displays the time, date or battery levels. It's expensive but one of the best cases available.

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