[Question] Find My Phone with Airplane Mode On

Hello all. I recently lost my Pixel on tour in Mongolia. As the charge was scarce, to save battery, I kept the phone on Airplane mode so I could still take pictures.

When I lost the phone, I realized that I could not use Android Device Finder as it was in airplane mode. So I thought of ways to avoid this in the future. I would love to know your thoughts, but here's what I thought:

A tasker profile that activates when Airplane mode is enabled
– Everything for ex. 2 hours, deactivate the aircraft mode for 10 minutes

Is there a profile I can configure to see if Android Device Finder has been enabled?

Otherwise I can send an SMS to my phone with a keyword if I lose it and have another profile to check this keyword then disable the aircraft mode permanently and return the GPS position

Any other ideas?

If the phone is not rooted, am I having trouble accessing airplane mode if the phone is locked? Do I need AutoInput?

Sorry, all this is conceptual right now, I do not have a phone to test it (figured at that time could wait for Pixel2 …)